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List of European capitals The countries' principal cities have been always among the best places to live in. The top rated capitals by the life quality in Europe are Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin. As for travel the most visited in this region are the British London and the French Paris, followed by Amsterdam and Rome. For those who seeking for a more affordable travel spot with no less gorgeous architecture and tourist attractions, but with the low cost of living and prices, will be interesting to visit such capital cities like Lisbon, Prague, Budapest. Alphabetical list of capital cities in Europe CountryCapital cityAAlbaniaTiranaAndorraAndorra la VellaArmeniaYerevanAustriaViennaAzerbaijanBakuBBelarusMinskBelgiumBrusselsBosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevoBulgariaSofiaCCroatiaZagrebCyprusNicosiaCzech RepublicPragueDDenmarkCopenhagenEEstoniaTallinnFFinlandHelsinkiFranceParisGGeorgiaTbilisiGermany


Science Year 2. 

By Elena Hernán
By Lucía Rodríguez

By Jeremy Cajas
By Maram El Mtougui
By María López
By Erika Corella
By Armando Suárez

By Alexandra Val
By Milena García
By Gonzalo Perete
By Elena Hernán

By Guillermo Colmenarejo

 By Ariadna Burgos

By Leyre Granizo

By Irene González



Card game

Practica con las cartas:

-Can I have a...? (lemon...)
-Here you are.

-Can I have an...? (apple, orange, egg.)
-Here you are.

-Can I have some...? (bread, ham, cheese)
-Here you are.

-Can I have some...? (plural: carrots, potatoes, tomatoes...)
-Here you are


* What's this? (singular)

-It's a...(yoghurt)

-It's an (apple, orange...)

-It's (bread/ham/cheese)

* What are these? (plural)

-They are some... (green beans, carrots, sweets...)