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Year 1. English.

Ficha 1

Hello! Welcome to the farm. Can you name the following animals?

How many sheep are there?
There are ________ sheep.

How many goats are there?
There are ______ goats.

How many chicks are there?
There are ______ chicks.

What is your favourite farm animal?

My favourite farm animal is the ________
I love _________ (dogs, sheep...)


We're excited for Carnaval! The hallway has been hung with pictures of superheroes and villains invented by the 5th graders, and the doors have been decorated to match the superhero theme. We can't wait to celebrate and see all of the costumes!!

6C James and the Shadow Puppets

In March we are going to make a video about "James and the Giant peach", a book by Roald Dahl.  To be more original we are going to do it using Shadow Puppets.

I need you to make your own shadow puppet representing yourself and bring it to the classroom on 1st March, the day when we will start recording with the camera and the set.



Science Year 6

Spain suffered a lot of political conflicts in the beginning of the 19th Century. Watch this video made by a student to summarize what happened there and then.

Don't forget  You can multiply your knowledge in science  by seeing information both in English and in Spanish.
NATURAL SCIENCE: Reproduction. We are about to finish Unit 3. Here you can find some of the videos we have used.

Enjoy and study

DANCING ENGLISH. Concierto de Daniel Griffin

Dancing English is music for young children, created to teach English language skills through both music and meaningful movement; for every line of every song. Songs are super fun to sing and dance to. Children sing these high-energy songs and enactthe lyrics through gesture and dance.

Have a look at the presentation video of Dani's concerts. 

For more information enter to his website.
Daniel Griffin was born in the United States of America, in the city of Chicago. In his family, everybody sings and makes music. He has been making music since he was very young. Dani has lived in Spain for 23 years.  He has worked as an English teacher for many years. But many years ago, he decided that for him being a musician is the best job in the world. He has been the drummer for Fito y Fitipaldis since 2009. He toured with Tequila and Miguel Rios before that. He has recorded the drums for three albums that were nominated to the Laniny Grammys. As well, h…


Year 1. 


Carta del mes

Now, listen and do the actions.

Can you describe your daily rutines?


Year 1. 


This is my town.

We all have right to public services. Public services are for everyone to use.

Do you use the public services available to you?