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SCIENCE.    Year 2.

1. Why is the Sun important for us?
a) Because it gives us heat and light.
b) Because it gives us air.
c) Because it is a big star.

2. Complete the sentences with these words: 
a star, a satellite, a planet.
a) The Moon is a....
b) The Sun is a...
c) The Earth is a...

3. Which of these sentences is true?
a) The Sun goes around the Earth
b) The planets go around the Sun
c) The Moon goes around Jupiter.

4. Why do we have night and day?
a) Because the Moon goes around the Earth.
b) Because the planets go around the Sun.
c) Because the Earth turns around.

5. How long does it take for the Earth to turn around once?
a) It takes one day
b) It takes a week.
c) It takes a month.

6. Why do we have seasons?
a) Because the Sun is hot.
b) Because the Earth is tilted.
c) Because the Earth is straight.

7. How long does it take for the Earth to go all the way around the Sun?
a) It takes one day
b) It takes one week.
c) It takes one year.

Answer key:

1. a) Becau…



1. Where is the bathtub?  
- The bathtub is in the bathroom.  

2. What is in your bedroom?                                
- In my bedroom (there is a bed/ there are two beds), a mirror, a desk and a chair, a rug, a poster, a bookshelf and a wardrobe.         

3. Where is the lamp? - The lamp is on the desk.   

4. Is there a computer in your bedroom?              -Yes there is
- No there isn´t.            

5. Is there a window in your bedroom? Where is it?
- Yes,  there is a window, it is between my bed and the bookshelf.

6. What do you usually do in your bedroom?
- I usually do my homework-
- I usually read books. 
- I usually play with my toys
- I usually watch tv.

7. Is there a teddy bear in your bedroom?
- Yes, there is
- No, there isn´t.

8. What´s your favourite room? 
 - My favourite room is my bedroom.

9. Why?
-Because I can play with my toys in it.